Nelson Curry of North Augusta, South Carolina, has been a class act ever since he co-founded the major label Le Klass band now known as (Klass Band Brotherhood) in the 1980s and helped turn Dazzey Duks by the band Duice into the 1993 international hit single. He’s back writing and singing what could be the biggest beach music hit of the summer with Sugaa Shack. It’s from the forth-coming CD Out of the Shadows and originally being packaged with a classic R&B style ballad How Can You (Sleep) co-written by Curry and Wayne B. Looking for some mellow soul and some shaggin’ music which could be straight off the Tybrisa Pavillion pier on Tybee Island, Georgia? Then look no further than this two-song, old school release. It will teach you what good music is all about.

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