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Nelson Curry has always enjoyed the sounds and the feel of Soul, Blues and Funk.
With a heavy influence from groups such as James Brown, Johnny Taylor, Marvin Gaye, Prince, The Time and others, he prides himself on an exciting live stage show.

With the new surge of Southern Soul music, Nelson Curry
thought his concept and style would be a perfect fit in the Southern Soul music scene With his introduction of the Klass Band Brotherhood.

Curry decided to start his own label Neo Blues Music giving him and his group a home to produce, write and record music as well as the opportunity to work with other groups in the area. 
According to Curry since the release and success of the song Sugaa Shack he and the group were sometimes referred to as them Sugaa Shack Boys, a name he considered a badge of honor.

I like to shake things up and have a good time when I perform and that sometimes means playing songs that people don't expect. Curry states it just good moonshine n mason jar music aka Neo Blues Music.

He and his band were selected to perform on the Blues Is Alright tour with acts such as Mel Waiters, Bobby Blue Bland, Sir Charles, Latimore and others giving them a crash course with the Southern Soul audience which he loves.
The band consist of:

Nelson Curry aka Sugaa Shack Man,  Producer, arranger, vocals and writer.
The Klass Band consist of various qualified touring musicians with the same brotherhood philosophy and style, the initial members of the organization were as followed:

Wayne Bowman, keyboards/writer
Curtis Knight, bass guitar/writer
Allen Curry, strings/background vocals
Derrick Thomas, hand claps/dancer

Nelson has always believed in allowing everyone in his organization the opportunity to pursue any and all aspects of their musical endeavors. Therefore allowing an interchangeable live unit gives all members of his musical brotherhood an opportunity to shine.

This according to Curry allows the Sugga Shack machine to move forward with its exciting and energetic live performances.

The first CD titled:  "Out of the Shadows of Soul" includes songs like Sugaa Shack, Honey Hole, Tutti Frutti and more.

Their new CD is titled:  "We Call The Shots In Soul" on the Neo Blues Music distributed by Music Access.
The CD includes potential hits like Good Love, Blues is Alright, We Jukin and Dance Floor which is a song Nelson Curry teamed up on and created a remix with the late Mel Waiters.

I believe in keeping the music original. You must believe in being unique and developing your own sound says Nelson. I will never copy another Artist song it's just not my thing. I believe in working hard to develop individually as an artist. According to Curry this it's the only way to gain respect and grow the audience that loves Southern Soul music. In the words of Curry, there is only one way to insure people continue to listen to it in the future, and that is to be creative, tell your story and NOT copy the story of someone else.

According to Nelson the plans are to do it the old fashion way.
Let the album tell the story and the music makes you feel something and move.

So whenever you hear Nelson Curry aka Sugaa Shack Man or Nelson Curry & Klass Band is coming to your town get ready for a country good time.

Its just like Moonshine in a Mason jar.

5 years ago Nelson Curry released Sugaa Shack..he was looking for the lady.

THE NEW SINGLE: "Grown Folk Party".......He finds her at the grown folk party..the story continues.

Contact info: 803-439-6673
                       Sugaa Shack Man@facebook.com

Neo Blues Music
P.O. Box 7707
North Augusta SC 29841